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Which Nike Trainer Are You?

Finally, your chance to find out what pair of Nike Trainers you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 19th 2022

It doesn’t matter if it’s your sports team or your cool kid friends down at the skate park, somebody , somewhere will be wearing a pair of Nike Trainers. Nike have been around for ages, providing footwear for people like Snoop Dog, Ronaldo, Micheal Jordan and Darran the Beano office’s night security guard; So now it’s your chance to discover - once and for all - which pair of Nike trainers you are!


Pick a sport!

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What’s your motto?


Who’s the GOAT? (Greatest of all time)


Pick a drink!

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5/10 Where would you most like to go on holiday?


Which word is most likely to feature on you school report?


What would you rather be?


8/10 Pick an animal!


How tidy is your bedroom!

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What’s your favourite trainer brand?

You’re a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor’s Astroturf Trainers!

These shoes are known to soccer players as the footwear that will bring your skills up to professional standards. Like the Vapor’s you’re all about maximum performance!

You’re Nike Air Sesh!

You’re a pair of Air Sesh trainers. Perfect for breaking some moves in a dance battle against your breakdancing nemesis. Like the Air Sesh you’re about performance and style. After, there’s no point being able to bust a move perfectly if you don’t look cool in the process!

You’re the Nike LeBron 19

They say “jump!” You say “how high?” It’s not because you’re easily persuaded to do things, it’s because you’re really good at jumping. Useful for sports like basketball. If you were a pair of Nike’s you’d be Nike LeBron 19’s!

Nike VaporFlys

VaporFly trainers are so effective, wearers have been accused of cheating! Nike's Vaporfly shoes are proven to decrease marathon runners' race times by two minutes! You don’t care about the how you win… You just need to win. That’s why you’re the VaporFlys