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Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You?

The amazing world of Once Upon a Time is truly magical and it's easy to get lost in it - but which character are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2022

All the great fairytales are in this show, all mashed up together like, well, mashed potatoes! YUM! But of all the characters in this beautiful universe, which one have you got most in common with? Why not take this magical quiz and find out for yourself!?


Where would you rather go on holiday?

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

A crow has been cursed, what do you do?

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

The Evil Queen has arrived, what do you do?


You have to choose a gift for a baby, what do you pick?

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

Captain Hook invites you on board his ship - what do you do?


Which fictional place would you like to visit?


Favourite magical item?


A mob have people have gathered to capture fairytale characters, what do you do?


You're lost, what do you do?


Favourite type of bird?

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios


Eeek! Okay, I bet you weren't expecting that! But the quiz doesn't lie and this is the result you've got! But remember there is good in everyone, maybe!

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

The Evil Queen!

Alright! Regina is one of the most complicated characters out there - both good and evil, she's got a lot going on - but life isn't simple! A bit like you, Regina is worth giving a bit of time to get to know, it's worth it in the end!

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

Emma Swan!

Nice, you're most like Emma! That's says a lot about you! She's one of the best characters in the whole show and has to overcome a lot of challenges - but just like you she always rises to them! Epic!

Once Upon A Time | ABC Studios

Dr Whale!

Wow! Ok, we didn't expect that! Dr Whale is a complicated character, he doesn't want to be bad - but he often finds himself in trouble! Sound familiar!?