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Which Only Fools and Horses Character Would Be Your Bestie?

They're the loveable market traders with dreams of making a fortune, but which character would be your best friend?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2023

Only Fools and Horses is a classic TV about two brothers, Del Boy and Rodney, and their hilarious escapades selling dodgy merchandise in Peckham market. But which of the many brilliant characters would you have as your BFF? This personality quiz will tell you in the time it takes to buy a faulty kettle. Cushty!

1/10 A fancy vase

You see something interesting in a junk shop. What are you thinking?

2/10 A group of people

What are you like in large groups of people?

3/10 A rusty old car and a cat

What sort of vehicle do you see yourself driving?

4/10 A room full of boxes

What's your room like?

5/10 Man shrugging next to a rollercoaster

What's your idea of a good day out?

6/10 A horse next to a pile of money

You've got some pocket money. How do you spend it?

7/10 Rodney from Only Fools and Horses

How would your friends describe you?

8/10 A man watching a scary movie

Pick a type of movie to watch!

9/10 Uncle Albert and Del
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Your uncle is telling you a story you're sure you've heard before. How do you react?

10/10 A pot of tea and a cup

You're making a cup of tea. What biscuits do you offer to everyone?

Result: Del Boy

Your bestie is: Del Boy

Del Boy is your best friend! You share his entrepreneurial spirit, his cheekiness and love of "rare" and valuable items.

Result: Rodney

Your bestie is: Rodney

You're a little shy sometimes but a loyal brother and friend. Sometimes you dream of doing something completely different, but have a fun life. Even when Del Boy makes you carry that heavy suitcase from the van.

Result: Uncle Albert

Your bestie is: Uncle Albert

You love to tell stories from your past. Over and over again. But you're a good egg and always on hand with a nice cuppa!

Result: Cassandra


You're a little shy, but you're kind-hearted and always there for your friends!