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Which Pinocchio Character Are You?

Pinocchio is one of the most incredible animated films in the world - but which of the characters in it are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2023

Stop motion animation takes a really long time to do, and we mean a REALLY long time. So it’s a good job that Pinocchio is one of the best films ever made in that style. It’s a story of love, learning and friendship, which are pretty neat themes! But of all the characters in the film, which one have you got the most in common with?


What is your favourite building material?


Are you a ‘real boy’?


What is your favourite type of facial hair?


What is your favourite colour from this list?


You’ve been shrunk to the size of a cricket and trapped inside an upturned glass - what do you do?


Which is your favourite tree?


If you had to turn into an animal for a week, which would it be?


You’re being chased by an angry lion, what do you do?


What is your favourite vegetable from this list?


There is a rabbit at the dinner table, what do you do?

Netflix Animation | Guillermo del Toro | Guillermo del Toro


You’re Pinocchio, the leading character and star of the show, even though he’s actually made of wood! Pinocchio is a loveable character who always tries to do the right thing, a little bit like you. And a lot like you, it doesn’t matter what troubles get in his way, Pinocchio always follows their heart and trusts in their friends - epic!

Netflix Animation | Guillermo del Toro | Guillermo del Toro

Sebastian J. Cricket

You’re Sebastian J.Cricket! Cool! Crickets are amazing enough animals, but they’re even cooler when they can talk and have moustaches, that is a fact! But Sebastian is more than a normal cricket, he’s a helpful character that helps Pinocchio on his journey, a little bit like you - you’re always up for helping people that need it. You give great advice and that what people like about you, nice!

Netflix Animation | Guillermo del Toro | Guillermo del Toro


You’re Candlewick! Life might not have been easy or good for you at the start, but a bit like Candlewick, you know what’s right and how to make things better! It’s no shame to have made mistakes, it’s what you do moving forward that matters, and that's why you’re the most like Candlewick! After all, Pinocchio couldn’t get through it all without the help of his friend! Friends are important, and you know that better than most!

Netflix Animation | Guillermo del Toro | Guillermo del Toro

Sprezzatura The Monkey

Epic! You’re the monkey with a bear! We love to see it! You’re a bit cheeky, like all monkeys, but you’ve got a heart of gold! Above all you’re a helpful kind of person, you look after the people that are important to you and help them whenever you can and that goes a long way! Plus you’ve got a swishy tail… right?