Would you Visit These Epic Playgrounds?

Playgrounds comes in all shapes and sizes, but which one would you choose?

What makes the perfect playground?

Does it have a sick slide? Or maybe a really cool climbing frame? Or perhaps it would have somewhere to store all your footie boots or squishies?

Well, we've had a look at some of the most popular playgrounds so now you can decide for yourself!

Inflatable Adventure Park

What's better than a bouncy castle

A whole bouncy adventure park, that's what! And this one's so good, even grown-ups want a go...

Image by Hold My Shoes | YouTube


Ever tried to live upside-down, like a vampire bat? It's okay, once you get in the swing of it.

And to get in the swing of it, you'll need a swing. Obviously!

Image by BostonChildrenMuseum | YouTube

Climbing frame

Playgrounds get seriously fun when they give you a challenge so something cool to climb on will always be fun.

And what will you do with all those new-found climbing skills? Maybe become a wall-climbing superhero like Spider-Man?

What about Moth-Boy? Or Bee-Girl? 

Well, maybe you should concentrate on the climbing for now...

Image by Levi Ski Resort Ltd | YouTube

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