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Which Pokemon Girl Are You?

Find out which Pokemon girl you are in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 23rd 2022
1/10 Two boys fishing

Pick a hobby

2/10 Ash from Pokemon screenshot
Pokemon | OLM, Inc. | TV Tokyo

Pick a Pokemon boy

3/10 Woman thinking

Pick a Pokemon type


4/10 Pick a plant 

5/10 Man nudging a woman

Do you like meeting new people?

6/10 Greta Thunberg

Pick a cool female role model

7/10 Sacagawea statue

Pick a cool woman from history

8/10 Parrot

Pick a pet

9/10 Woman thinking

What's your favourite thing about Pokemon?

10/10 Laughing apple on red background

Pick a fruit

Misty Result
Pokemon | OLM, Inc. | TV Tokyo


You're Misty! You're fierce, bold and a skilled Pokemon trainer! But you also care a lot about the people you love, and you'd do anything for your friends. You're also good at fishing! 

Chloe Result
Pokemon | OLM, Inc. | TV Tokyo


You're Chloe! You're might seem aloof to others, but that doesn't mean you don't have a soft side! You're fiercely protective of your friends and family and you always look out for them.  

Serena Result
Pokemon | OLM, Inc. | TV Tokyo


You're Serena! You are kind and caring and have a passion for flowers and clothes, so you hate getting dirty! But that doesn't mean you're not strong! You're also great at baking and cooking!

Dawn Result
Pokemon | OLM, Inc. | TV Tokyo


You're Dawn! You're confident and positive, and your'e always ready for an adventure! You're also very sensitive which is why you can sense how your Pokemon are feeling.