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Which Pokemon Team are you?

Take this epic quiz to find out which Pokemon Team you are!

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  July 16th 2020

Which Pokemon Team are you?

1/8 Turtle

What's your favourite animal?

2/8 rainbow

What's your favourite colour?

3/8 Woman pondering

How would your opponents describe you?

4/8 Pokemon still
Pokemon |Team Kato | Cartoon Network

Which is your favourite mascot?

5/8 Mouse

Who's your favourite Pokemon?

6/8 Berries

What's your favourite berry?

7/8 Grumpy Woman

What's your mood?

8/8 strong man

What skill would you most like to have?

Team Valor Result
Pokemon |Team Kato | Cartoon Network


You're team Valor! You're brave and loyal, and you value your friends. Everyone can always rely on you to do the right thing.

Team Instinct Result
Pokemon |Team Kato | Cartoon Network


You're Team Instinct! You've got a sharp mind, and you know to trust your instincts. Your friends always look to you for advice. 

Team Mystic Result
Pokemon |Team Kato | Cartoon Network


You're Team Mystic! You value imagination, creative and intuition, and you always follow your dreams!

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