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Which Prank Matches Your Personality?

Take this personality quiz to see which prank you're most suited to pull!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 17th 2022

1/9 What's your favourite time of year?


2/9 Which of these outdoor activities is your favourite?


3/9 Which of these foods is your favourite?


4/9 Which of these foods is your LEAST favourite?


5/9 What's your dream magical pet?


6/9 How often do you pull pranks?


7/9 Which celeb would you love to prank the most?


8/9 Which of these colours is your favourite?


9/9 What's your biggest fear?

Stink Bomb Extraordinaire

Stink Bomb Extraordinaire

You know exactly how to gross people out! Stick to stink bombs and your smell will go down in history!

Water Pistol Perfection

Water Pistol Perfection

Quick and clean, water pranks are best suited for you. It's the funniest way to cool somebody down!

Extreme Splats

Extreme Splats

The more the merrier - mess, that is! You love splats and splodges, and can make the best mess there is!

Freaky Friends

Freaky Friends

You are a master of bugs and creepy crawlies. When you get your hands on a rubber snake, you're a SCREAM to hang out with!