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Which Princess Diaries Character Is Your Bestie?

Are you a lady in waiting, or will you join Lilly in a protest?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 5th 2023

The Princess Diaries is one of the most iconic movies of the early 2000s, starring Anne Hathaway and actual queen Julie Andrews. Maybe you wish you were also secretly the princess of a small European country - and while we can't help you with that, we can help your find your dream Princess Diaries bestie! Find out if you and Mia are taking princess lessons together, or maybe you and Clarisse are organising a royal dinner!

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You're the princess of a small country! What's your first royal decree?


Which Disney princess is the most like you?


What's the best kind of beach?


You're at a VERY fancy dinner. What course are you looking forward to?


Pick a bedroom


What's your crown made of?


What's your ideal home?


Pick a pet to pamper


It's the royal ball! What's the highlight of the evening?


What's the best pizza topping?


Mia and you would be besties! You're both super caring and sweet, and you never know - maybe you're a secret princess too!


You and Lilly would be total besties! You're both feisty and unafraid to share your opinions, and you care a lot about the environment and social justice!


You and Clarisse would become best friends straight away! You're an old soul, super elegant, and always ready for any situation!

Fat Louie

Your BFF is Fat Louie! You love all the same things - naps, cosy sitting, treats... what's not to love? Purr-fect!