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Which Proud Family Character Are You?

Who are you in the Proud family? Is Penny your total twin, or do you have a bit of Suga Mama in you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 3rd 2023

Whether you're a fan of the original Proud Family series, or the reboot Louder and Prouder - or both! - you've probably wondered which character you're most like! Well, wonder no more - take this quiz and find out if you're Penny through and through, or if Dijonay and you have a LOT in common! Don't forget, we've got loads more quizzes too - try our Proud Family trivia quiz, then find out which Hannah Montana character you are and see how well you know the Winx Club!


Which concert are you dying to go to?


What's your favourite colour to wear?


Pick a pet!


It's time for takeaway! What are you ordering?


Which US state can you see yourself living in?

Hannah Montana | It's a Laugh Productions Michael Poryes Productions | Disney Channel

What's your favourite comedy?


Pick a pretty bouquet!


You're at the swimming pool - what are you doing first?


What do you like to do at lunchtime?


What's the worst kind of weather?

The Proud Family | Jambalaya Studios | Disney Channel


You're Penny! You're smart, capable and super friendly, but sometimes you do crazy stuff do try and look cool! Your friends will always have your back, though!

The Proud Family | Jambalaya Studios | Disney Channel


You're Dijonay! You're the chatty one in your friend group, and you're definitely a bit of a gossip! You'd rather goof off than get down to serious work, so you're always fun to be around - just make sure you know when to take things seriously!

The Proud Family | Jambalaya Studios | Disney Channel


You're Zoey! You're quiet and a little bit nerdy, but hey - nothing wrong with that! You're a total sweetheart and the best friend anyone could wish for!

The Proud Family | Jambalaya Studios | Disney Channel

Suga Mama

You're Suga Mama! You're sassy and not afraid to let anyone know your opinion, and you really love your family even if you're not always the best at showing it!