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Which Restful Rambles Video Are You?

Yawn! Find out which relaxing video by Restful Rambles are you with our Restful Rambles personality quizzz…

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2022

Hmm? Sorry, what was that? We were just drifting off to sleep listening to the soothing whispers of ASMR guru Restful Rambles. We love her calming videos, especially after a hard day quizzing! Which one of Restful Ramble’s videos are you? Find out with our most relaxing quiz ever!


How many sheep?


What’s your favourite sound?


Pick a chilled out place…

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4/10 Pick a calming colour…


5/10 Which animal would you choose as a soft toy?


Pick a flower (not literally)


Pick a sound to calm your nerves


Where do you go to get some “me time”?


What word describes you best?


Where would you restfully ramble?

The video where she wiggles her fingers for ages!

Your feeling relaxed. Just like we did after watching Restful Rambles wiggle her fingers in front of the camera for 30 minutes. Funny the things that can calm you down, isn’t it? Try exercising during the day to get to sleep at night!

The one where she whispers you to sleep!

You’re very quiet. That’s no bad thing. Especially at bedtime. You’re the video where she spends ages whispering the word “Sleepyhead” Sometimes, to get to sleep, we just need a little comforting!

The video where she reads you a book!

Remember that book? No, us neither. We think that’s the point. We were so relaxed we drifted off to sleep. You’re a bookish type - just like Restful Rambles - try reading a book before bed if you want to get to sleep!

The one where she taps things with her nails

What’s that tapping sound. It’s strangely calming listening to Restful Rambles tapping her fingernails for ages. There’s no way you’ll stay awake to the end of this video! It’s so relaxing!