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Vroom! Vroom! Which Rocket League Item Are You?

Ever wondered which Rocket League Item are you? Then take this quiz RIGHT NOW!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

Ever wondered which Rocket League Item are you? What do you mean that’d be a weird thing to wonder? It doesn’t mean we can’t make a quiz about it! So, take this Rocket League quiz to find out which Rocket League Item you are! Go on, you know you want to!


What do you prefer?


2/10 Who’s your favourite Marvel Hero?


Which type of movie have you seen the most?

4/10 Fruit smoothies

What’s your favourite fruit smoothie?

Rocket League | Psyonix

What’s your Rocket League playing style?


What’s your favourite subject at school?


7/10 Which animal are you most like?

8/10 A man doing knitting next to a hedge

Pick your next hobby…

Rocket League | Psyonix

Pick your favourite Rocket League body….


10/10 Pick your top Rocket League Explosion…

Rocket League | Psyonix

You’re a DECAL

It’s all about the looks with you isn’t it? You’re one stylish gamer who loves to dress to impress. You’re the sort of person who spends longer designing their avatar than actually playing the game!

Rocket League | Psyonix

You’re a BODY

Always thinking… always planning. After all, the type of car body you choose might effect the result of the next match. You’re the practical sort who likes to think things through methodically.

Rocket League | Psyonix


What can we say, you party animal! You love a GOAL EXPLOSION almost as much as you like a real-life party. You’re the person to be around at a social gathering. The jokes come thick and fast, just like your goals in Rocket League!

Rocket League | Psyonix


You’re the creative type… an artist, even. And not just an artist of Rocket League, but a real-life artist. You play Rocket League with your soul. To score a goal, first one must become the goal!