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Which Rugby Position Are You?

Find out which Rugby Position you are right now with our Bone Crunching Rugby Personality Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 26th 2022

Rugby’s one of those games where you can tell the kind of person someone is by the position they play. What kind of Rugby Position are you? And when you crossed the metaphorical try line of this personality quiz, kick off one of our other awesome rugby quizzes like our Ultimate Rugby Quiz! or have a chuckle at our 20 Funny Rugby Jokes For You To Try


Your lift to rugby is running late. What do you do?

2/10 A man eating a snack

On the way to rugby, you’re offered a snack. What do you want?


In the Rugby changing rooms, every player has a ritual. What’s yours?


Pre-game chat turns to films. What’s your favourite?


Which one describes your best sporting quality?


Which one of these words best describes your negative side?


Which one of these words describes your positive side?

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8/10 Pick an animal that represents your Rugby style…


My favourite part of rugby is…


Random word association... When we say Lamb what phrase pops into your head?

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You’re a winger. For you to even get the ball everyone else has to have done their job perfectly. Then it’s up to spoil it and put one of your fancy, colourful rugby boots over the touchline when you’re trying to avoid a tackle. Hey, you might not be the toughest on the field but at least you’re the most stylish.

Fly Half

You’re a fly half. You love to be the centre of attention and throw yourself in the action… As long as you know you’ll get some credit at the end of the game. That’s why you avoid the scrums and rucks. No one can see your awesome skills amongst all that violence!

You’re a Prop

Quite simply you’re the toughest on the pitch and your competitive nature can really put the fright into your friends, neighbours, family, teachers, passing military battalions. We would congratulation you on being an awesome rugby player but we’ve crossed the road to avoid you!

You’re a Rugby Hooker

You’re explosive temper sometimes gets the better of you. That’s perfect for a hooker but you have to remember to keep that rage bottled when you’re in the school canteen. Nobody wants to see that!