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Which Soccer Player Are You? Quiz

Fancy yourself as a future footy star? Find out which soccer supremo is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Pick a position:

josemourinho | instagram

After a long week training, you and your best friend Jose Mourinho want to watch a film to help you relax. What kind of movie do you put on?

roberto_firmino | instagram

What's your favourite thing about half-time?


Pick something for dinner:

liverpoolfc | instagram

Pick a team:


Pick a skill:

waynerooney | instagram

Which of these is more annoying?

hazardeden_10 | instagram

What hairstyle have you got right now?

mosalah | instagram

What's the best thing about being a pro footballer?

roberto_firmino | instagram

Pick a nickname:

roberto_firmino | instagram

You're Robert Firmino!

You're the hugely skilled Brazilian Liverpool player Roberto Firmino! You're great on the pitch, but look great off it too! You have the whitest teeth in football, and maybe the best hair too. You teammates should watch out though - you're also a massive drama queen!

mosalah | instagram

Mohamed Salah

You're fun-loving Liverpool star Mo Salah! You're known for your speed and control, but equally for your sense of humour and teamwork Nice one!

waynerooney | instagram

Wayne Rooney

You're the legend that is Wayne Rooney! The best player in football for many years, you're now living the life of a celebrity in the USA. Your god-like footy status hasn't stopped some cruel journalists saying you look like Shrek though. Very unfair of them.

hazardeden_10 | instagram

Eden Hazard

You're the well mannered team-player Eden Hazard! You're not only a great footballer, but you've also got a keen eye for sportsmanship and hate it when people dive or foul. Good lad.