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Which Sport Should I Play?

Are you ready to find out which sport you should play?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 16th 2022

If you're not sure whether to pick up a basketball, a football, a puck or do Taekwondo then take this quiz and save yourself hours of time! If you're still not sure what sport you should play, take our What Is Your Favourite Sport Quiz or our What Sport Are You Meant For Quiz!

1/8 Three friends

What do you most like to do when hanging out with your mates?

2/8 Woman running

Which of these exercises would you rather do?

3/8 Stadium crowd

What sporting event would you most like to watch?

4/8 School children

What's your favourite subject at school?


5/8 What's your favourite video game?

6/8 Persons's feet in roller skates

Which of these weird sports sounds the most fun?

7/8 Chocolate

Which of these could you never give up?

8/8 Harry Kane playing football

Who's your favourite sports star?

Football and the word football on a green background


Get some mates together and get a game going - 5 a side, 11 a side or 50 aside!ย 

Basketball on a yellow background with the word basketball


You're feeling the need to shoot some hoops! Grab some mates and get on the court!

Hockey stick with the words ice hockey on a purple background

Ice Hockey

It's the coolest game out there! Get down to your local rink and break out the skates!

Tennis racket ball with the word tennis on a green background


Anyone for tennis? Find a friend and see ifย  you can outplay Andy Murray!

Cheese with the words cheese rolling on a pink background

Cheese Rolling

It's the greatest British tradition ever to be invented! Find a babybel and push it down a hill