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Which Sport Should I Play?

Are you ready to find out which sport you should play?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Take this quiz to find out!

1/8 Three friends

What do you most like to do when hanging out with your mates?

2/8 Woman running

Which of these exercises would you rather do?

3/8 Stadium crowd

What sporting event would you most like to watch?

4/8 School children

What's your favourite subject at school?


5/8 What's your favourite video game?

6/8 Persons's feet in roller skates

Which of these weird sports sounds the most fun?

7/8 Chocolate

Which of these could you never give up?

8/8 Harry Kane playing football

Who's your favourite sports star?

Football and the word football on a green background


Get some mates together and get a game going - 5 a side, 11 a side or 50 aside!ย 

Basketball on a yellow background with the word basketball


You're feeling the need to shoot some hoops! Grab some mates and get on the court!

Hockey stick with the words ice hockey on a purple background

Ice Hockey

It's the coolest game out there! Get down to your local rink and break out the skates!

Tennis racket ball with the word tennis on a green background


Anyone for tennis? Find a friend and see ifย  you can outplay Andy Murray!

Cheese with the words cheese rolling on a pink background

Cheese Rolling

It's the greatest British tradition ever to be invented! Find a babybel and push it down a hill