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Which Superhero or Villain Are You?

Are you hero or zero? Take this quiz to find out which superhero or villain is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 15th 2023
1/20 A school report card

In one word, how would you describe your school reports?

2/20 A person eating a spicy sandwich

What's the hottest thing you enjoy eating?

3/20 A close of a bug's face

Pick a bug!

4/20 A person putting on a bowtie

Are you able to get ready for school on time?

5/20 Captain Hook and Maleficent

Which Disney character do you like the most?


6/20 What shade of red appeals to you the most?

7/20 A pineapple and a hologram gadget

What kind of room would you have in your dream house?

8/20 A man surrounded by gadgets

What's your favourite gadget?


What pizza topping do you love the most?


Who's the greatest superhero sidekick ever?


Pick a superpower!


What would you rather be?


How did you get your superpowers?


Pick an outfit:

Avengers: Endgame | Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios | Kevin Feige | Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Pick a nemesis:

@bundesliga | giphy

What do you use your superpowers for?


What's your greatest weakness?

Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios | Kevin Feige | Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Choose a superhero movie:


Which of these words best describes you?


Pick an accessory:

You're the Hulk!

You're stuck between mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner and the gigantic green monster, Hulk! You got your superpowers from an huge dose of radiation, and have used them for good ever since! Well... mostly!

You're Wonder Woman!

You're the classic superhero Wonder Woman! You can fly, you've got superhuman strength and intelligence... and very few weaknesses.You also have a great taste in outfits!

You're Mystique from X-Men!

You're the evil shape-shifting mutant Mystique! You can take the appearance of anyone or anything you like: whether its man, woman, or....llama?

You're Thanos!

Ooooh! You're the most powerful being in the Universe, the gigantic Space-God Thanos! You're capable of destroying whole planets and are maybe the most feared villain ever. You're also one of the grumpiest!