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Which The Smeds and the Smoos Character Are You?

Smeds and the Smoos? What’s not to love!? But which of these squishy creatures have you got most in common with?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 1st 2023

It’s a story as old as time, of love lost and family troubles - it’s a true classic, but which of the wonderful characters in the Smeds and the Smoos are you most like? Try using our specially designed Beano quiz-machine to find out, you might never know otherwise! Let’s go!


What is your favourite sport?


What is more important?


Which fruit do you feel like most today?


The spaceship is broken, what do you do?


What colour is your home planet?


What is your spirit animal?


Where is your favourite place to play?


What is your dream shoe?

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Should you play with a Smoo?


What would power your spaceship?

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Nice! You’ve got most in common with Bill Smoo! Unsurprisingly, you’re one of the main characters in the story, and that’s the case in your life too! You don’t like being sidelined or left out, you’re the main character everyday, Monday through to Smooday! Just like Bill you always follow your heart, no matter what people think, good on you!

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Epic! You’re Janet Smed! Nothing gets in Janet’s way, it doesn’t matter what people say about them, they’ll always follow your dreams and your heart! Sound familiar? Definitely, that’s because you’re the same, nobody, not even your family gets in your way, follow your heart and be the change you want to see in the world!

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Grandmother Smoo!

Alright! A little bit like Grandmother Smoo, you always speak what is on your mind, and you’re willing to go that extra mile to prove your point. But also like Grandmother Smoo, if it turns out that maybe you were wrong, you’re not so proud that you can’t back down and change your mind, and that’s super cool. Admitting mistakes is the only way we learn after all!

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Grandfather Smed!

Amazing! Just like Grandfather Smed, you’re the boss, you know how things work and you won’t budge on them! In fact, the simple idea of someone questioning you means big trouble! But wait, what if you’re actually wrong? Well, in those VERY RARE cases, maybe it’s ok to change your mind, just maybe. You can’t be right all the time can you?