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Which Type Of Camp Bunk Mate Are You?

Are you annoying or fun to share a bunk with?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Quiz away!


What's your favorite daytime activity at camp?


What's your favorite meal at camp?


What's your favorite night time activity at camp?


What do you miss the most about camp when you're home?


Which avenger do  you wish you could share a bunk with?


What is your animal nickname?


After camp, what's your second favorite thing?

You're the snorer!

You keep your bunk mate up with your loud snores and the fact that you constantly roll over. You keep friends in your cabin awake... but they like you anyway! The scaredy kids are even comforted by the loud drones you emit.

You're the up-all-night bunk mate!

You brought a deck of cards and a million jokes to camp. You keep everyone up, some find it annoying, but most appreciate the entertainment! Who needs sleep anyway?!

You're the early-to-bed bunk mate!

You go to sleep on time every night... and all the camp pranks happen to you! Everyone loves you because they can count on you for a laugh... even if you're not aware of it. You're good-natured when you find your face covered in whipped cream - and folks admire that!

You're the neat and tidy bunk mate!

Your cabin buddies can count on you to pass the cleanliness inspection. The counselors love you, and your cabin mates appreciate the good example you're setting - even if they get jealous sometimes!