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Which Willow Character Are You?

Which character from the fantasy series Willow are you? It's time to find out with this awesome character quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you who you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2023

The new Willow series is a must see! It follows Willow and his friends as they fight the forces of evil. Which character from the series will you be? Answer some questions and find out now! And if you liked this, we've got more TV quizzes here! How about this ultimate SpongeBob Quiz? Or maybe you think you can ace this My Little Pony quiz? There's even a quiz to tell you which TV show you should be on!

1/10 Thatched cottage and Beano crow

Choose somewhere to live

2/10 A robin and a splat

Choose a bird

3/10 Derpy panda in a cup of tea

Choose a drink

4/10 Some broosticks

Pick an object

5/10 The Cornish coast with dolphin and crab

Choose a holiday destination

6/10 A magic staff and a unicorn

Pick a weapon

7/10 A surprised looking squirrel

Wha's your best quality?

8/10 A spooky bat and question mark

What's your worst quality?

9/10 The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal | The Jim Henson Company | Netflix

Choose another fantasy show

10/10 A leprechaun with his gold

Choose another Warwick Davis role

Willow result
Willow | Lucas Films | Disney+


You're Willow! You're wise, kind and brave! You know lots about the world and have an old head on young shoulders, and you're always there to help others out!

Elora Result
Willow | Lucas Films | Disney+


You're Elora! You're probably hiding your true self from lots of people, but your friends know the real you! You're brave, bold and quick thinking.

Kit result
Willow | Lucas Films | Disney+


You're Kit! You're a natural born leader and love making decisions. You don't like being told what to do and you're always seeking out adventure!

Greydon Result
Willow | Lucas Films | Disney+


You're Graydon! You'd rather do anything than fight! You much prefer hanging out with your friends, pets and doing your hobbies than going on any big quests!