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Which Wolfblood Character Are You?

Which one of the Wolfblood crew are you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/8 Moon with face

Choose a moon

2/8 Puppy on grass

Choose a pet

3/8 Vampire on red background with screaming pinapple

Pick a Twilight film

4/8 Steaks on grill

How do you eat your steak?

5/8 Woman's eye with purple iris

Choose a cool eye colour

6/8 Boy with science equipment

Choose a school subject 

7/8 Three girls sitting on a bench

Are you the youngest or oldest in your family?

8/8 Scene from Malory Towers
Malory Towers | CBBC | DHX Media King Bert Productions WildBrain

Choose another CBBC show

Maddy Result
Wolfblood | CBBC | BBC, ZDFE


You're Maddy! You're super tough and ready for anything! But that doesn't mean you don't care about your friends and family!

Rhydian result
Wolfblood | CBBC | BBC, ZDFE


You're Rhydian! You're strong, tough and loyal - it's not always easy for you to open up to others, but you value friendship over everything!

Tom result
Wolfblood | CBBC | BBC, ZDFE


You're Tom! You love football, your mates and adventure! You're sporty and always on the go, and you always stick up for what's right! 

Shannon result
Wolfblood | CBBC | BBC, ZDFE


You're Shannon! You're sharp, curious and you love science and finding out new things! You trust your best friends and value honesty really highly.