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Which Worst Witch Character Are You?

Are you more of an Ethel or a Mildred? Take this magic quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/10 Bat flying

Choose a familiar

2/10 Children's choir singing

What's your favourite subject?

3/10 Witches' objects

What kind of witch are you?

4/10 Witch

Choose a famous witch

5/10 Woman on broomstick on white background

How good are you at flying?

6/10 Teacher and pupils with hands in the air

Who's your favourite teacher?

7/10 Cauldron on fire

Pick a potion ingredient 

8/10 Woman tripping on pink background

How clumsy are you, on a scale of 1-10?

9/10 Two friends hugging

A friend is...?

10/10 Pig on white background

Pick an animal to be turned into 

Mildred Result
The Worst Witch | CBBC Productions, ZDF | CBBC


You're Mildred! You're maybe a bit clumsy and you don't always do well at everything you try, but you're far from the worst! You're inventive, funny and loyal to your friends, and you have hidden talents which might not be immediately obvious!  

Maud Result
The Worst Witch | CBBC Productions, ZDF | CBBC


You're Maud! You're kind, clever and you always try your very best at everything. You follow the rules and work hard, and you always stick up for your friends. 

Enid Result
The Worst Witch | CBBC Productions, ZDF | CBBC


You're Enid! You follow your own rules and are totally unique. You have a few very close friends who you value, and you always do things your own way. Plus, you're super sporty and love having fun!

Ethel Result
The Worst Witch | CBBC Productions, ZDF | CBBC


You're Ethel! Ok, so you're not the most popular witch in school, but you're clever, determined and ambitious. You know what you want and you'll do anything to get it! Sometimes you feel like you have to prove yourself to others, but you're great just as you are!