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Which WWE Wrestler Are You Most Like?

WWE is full of legends - but which wrestling champ is most like you? Take this heavyweight personality quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 16th 2022

Let's get ready to ruuuuumble! Answer these stone-cold quiz questions and find out which WWE legend is most like you!

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1/10 Point at somewhere on this map:

@wwe | giphy

Which of these is more important?


Pick a nickname:


Which of these hair styles would you rather have?


Pick a snack for when you're training:

@chihuoguo | giphy

Now choose a huge meal for the end the season!


Pick a wrestling style:

@wwe | giphy

What do you think of the crowd?


How would you finish your biggest opponent?


What does your theme song sound like?

@wwe | instagram

You're John Cena!

You're basically the biggest name in wrestling! As well as being an undisputed champ and possibly the greatest wrestler of all time, you're also now a pretty big movie star and travel the world being...well, John Cena! If that wasn't enough you have some surprising tricks up your sleeve, and even taught yourself Chinese!

@truekofi | instagram

You're Kofi Kingston!

You're up-and-coming wrestler Kofi Kingston! You're as cheerful as you are athletic - so... very! You're a big favourite with the fans and have pulled off some surprising wins at the last minute!

@wwe_asuka | instagram

You're Asuka!

With plenty of belts under your belt (that makes sense, right?) - You're an over-achieving wrestler who's feared by her enemies. You're also very well-known for your dress style, and often show up to matches in a fur coat and multi-coloured face paint!

@charlottewwe | instagram

You're Charlotte Flair!

You've won 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS and are definitely one of the greatest wrestlers ever! You're a real family kind of person, and this isn't surprisng when you know that wrestling is in your blood. Oh, did you know that Charlotte is Ric Flair's daughter? If not - you did now!