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Can YOU Help Dennis and Gnasher Look After The Asian Elephants At Whipsnade Zoo?

How well do you know your animal husbandry? It could help Dennis and Gnasher as they've been tasked with looking after the elephants at Whipsnade Zoo!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 7th 2023

Dennis & Gnasher are stand-in zookeepers for the day - just as Whipsnade Zoo is about to welcome a new elephantine arrival. Can you help them help their new arrival settle in or will they have to pachyderm their trunks? By taking this personality quiz, we'll tell you what kind of elephant keeper you're like based on 10 different scenarios!

Look out for the blamtastic Beano trail with interactive challenges and games - as well as over 10,000 amazing animals – all at Whipsnade Zoo 22 July to 4 September 2023!

1/10 Dennis and Gnasher in a grassy area surrounded by trees

What sort of special environment should you help create for an Asian elephant?

2/10 Dennis and an elephant trunk

Like all animals, Asian elephants need a varied and balanced diet. What food will you offer first?

3/10 Dennis and Gnasher playing with a hose

These animals love a good scrub and it's important to wash them every day. What's the best way to clean an elephant?

4/10 Dennis and Gnasher smiling in a grassy garden

What kinds of items should you give your elephant to encourage their natural behaviours?


Elephants need exercise and you've been tasked with helping them get moving in their space. What should you do today?

6/10 Dennis and an elephant dung

It's important to keep an elephant enclosure very clean. What's the best way to pick up pachyderm poop?

7/10 A trumpet on a camouflage background

When they are excited, elephants make a trumpet sound with their trunks. What else do they do to communicate with other elephants?


Elephants love to play. What kinds of things should you make sure they have so they can have fun?

9/10 Dennis standing in front of a large pile of rocks

Elephants are highly social animals. What do they learn from each other?

10/10 Dennis asleep in bed

It's time to sleep. What's the best thing about looking after elephants?

Result: Elephant Expert

Elephant Expert!

With a result like this, you've clearly studied these noble creatures and learned from the best!

Result: Pachyderm Professional

Pachyderm Professional!

This result shows that you're in tune with these huge land mammals and understand what makes them tick!

Result: Elephant Executive

Elephant Executive!

This result shows that you're aware of what elephants require to live their best life and are on hand to muck in and get those enclosures sparkling clean!

Result: Zoo Master

Zoo Master!

If there's such a thing as 'elephant school' – and we're sure there are such things under a different name – then you passed your exams with flying colours! Elephants toot their trunks when they see you as they know they're going to be cared for so well!