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The Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Quiz?

Can you beat all 15 questions and win a million pounds? (Million pounds not included)

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 1st 2021

Can you beat the quiz and win £1 million? (Million pounds not included)


For £100: What is the capital of France?


For £200: What does a butcher do for a living?


For £300: Which of these is NOT a Pixar film?


For £500: Which of these animals is a marsupial?


For £1,000: Which one of these was NOT a president of the United States of America?


For £2,000: Which of these is a group of hills in the UK?


For £4,000: Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?


For £8,000: Who invented the telephone?


For £16,000: Who won the Men's Football World Cup 2018?


For £32,000: Which year did WW2 end?


For £64,000: 2020 was a leap year, but when will the next leap year be?


For £125,000: Which of these vegetables is technically a fruit?


For £250,000:How many countries are there in the world?


For £500,000: What does the word 'Reticent' mean?


For ONE MILLION POUNDS: Which artist had the best selling single in the UK in 2019?

OMG! YOU WON A MILLION POUNDS! Wow, either you're a genius or you just took this quiz twelve times in a row to get it right! Either way, very impressive

Well done! You got at least 10 questions right which means you've won at least £32,000! Think of what you could buy - a small ice cream van, a fancy meal at Pizza Express, a fancy dog!

You won at least £1,000, and that's not to be sniffed at! Think of what you could buy - a fancy bike, a cool game system, a very fancy pizza

Oh no, you got less than 5 questions right, so you won nothing! Not a sausage! Never mind, it's the experience that counts! Just kidding, it's totally the money