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Who Will Win the One-armed LEGO Challenge?

Lexi and Dan have to make an creative LEGO structure in just one minute, but they can only use one arm!

We love to put our presenters Dan, Lexi and Ky through a variety of fun and difficult Beano challenges but this may have been one of the most difficult yet! With Ky looking on as a judge and the man in charge of the stopwatch, Dan and Lexi have only one minute to build the most creative and stylish LEGO build they can, but they can only use one arm! 

How do you think you would get on building LEGO creations with one arm behind your back, and do you think you could do better than these guys? 

It ends up as a Modern Art Garden versus a pretty unrealistic Eiffel Tower, and Ky ends up with a clear winner in mind! 

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