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Can You Solve This Wordle Movie Quiz?

Think you know movies? Have a gigantic, puzzle-solving brain? Then let's see if you can you beat this fiendish guess the movie Wordle game!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 29th 2023

We all know Wordle... the extra-hard guess the word game. Well we've made our own version that's pretty similar - but with a twist especially for kids movie buffs. Take a look at these 10 tricky picture clues and see if you can work out which well-known film we're hinting at.

It's hard - but you can do it! Let's get started!


Ok first one! What do you think this clue could mean?


Next! What classic movie might this be?


Hmmm. Guesses, please!


It's a classic kids movie... it's... what?


What could this one be?


Choose your movie now!


And next up we have... what?


Can you work this one out?


Almost there! You can do it!


Last one! Arrrgh!

Noooooo! Never mind - this was a hard quiz, and it looks like maybe a little too hard. Fancy having another go? We bet you could score a little higher the next time round! Good luck! If not we have loads of other picture quizzes for you to try!

Pretty good! This score is not too bad! Good work! You didn't manage to get a high score but that's ok. Have another go? Or see if you can score higher on a different picture quiz! You can do it!

Impressive! This is a great score! You know loads of movies, and the Worldle quiz bot is very impressed with your creative thinking! You didn't quite get full marks but never mind, you can always try another quiz and see if you can score a bit higher on that one! But very very good!

Amazing! The Wordle quiz bot is gobsmacked! Fantastic score! You got every single one right! Well done, you know loads of films! Now, you can't beat this score but can you beat it on a different picture quiz? Let's find out!