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What Movie Should You Watch Tonight?

Action, comedy, romance... what movie should YOU watch tonight? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 2nd 2021

So you've made the popcorn, you've dimmed the lights... all you need now is the movie. Picking a movie seems easy enough though right? Wrong. Sometimes it takes a good twenty minutes to realise a movie stinks and by then you've already eaten your popcorn! Well fear no more, film fans- the Beano is here to do yet another cinematic solid. Take the quiz and find out what movie YOU should watch tonight! For more magical movie quizzes be sure to check out our Movie Picture Quiz or if you STILL can't decide what to binge on, have a go at the What Show Should I Watch on Netflix Quiz!


Pick a movie type!


What's your favourite TV show?

3/20 Two friends hanging out together

How would your friends describe you?ย 


What do you like to eat?


What's your favourite colour?


What's your favourite movie ingredient?


What do you often do when watching a movie?


Pick one!

9/20 A person thinking about spelling

How would you describe yourself?


Where would you most like to go on holiday?ย 


What's your LEAST favourite thing in movies?

12/20 A motivational speech

What are you most likely to say?


Pick a weapon!

14/20 A cat and a muscular bird sit on a wall

Pick a pet!


What's most important to you?


Pick an item of clothing!

17/20 A woman with pink hair looks at a triple scoop of ice cream

Fave ice cream flavour?


What skill do you most wish you had?


What experience do you like to get from watching a movie?


What movie tagline most intrigues you?

Coco | Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios | Darla K. Anderson | Lee Unkrich


You should watch Coco! A cracking Pixar adventure that is fun, hilarious, ranks among their finest and if you're not bawling like a big pink baby by the end - then you've a heart of stone!

Ghostbusters | Columbia Pictures | Ivan Reitman


You should watch Ghostbusters! The 1980's horror-comedy classic is sure to give you the requisite amount of chills n' chuckles as you kick back and enjoy your movie night. Just remember - don't cross the streams!

The Princess Bride | 20th Century Fox | Andrew Scheinman | Rob Reiner

The Princess Bride!

You should watch the Princess Bride! This 80s gem covers all the bases - fantasy, comedy, romance, action, adventure... it's a delight from start to finish and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Now strap yourselves into the movie harness and prepare to scale the cliffs of insanity!!!

The Lion King | Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Feature Animation | Roger Allers | Rob Minkoff

The Lion King!

You should watch the Lion King! This classic 90s animated movie is Disney at the very top of it's game. Wonderful songs, colourful characters, beautiful animation, gripping story... The Lion King has it all. Now all together - Hakuna Matata!