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Take This Quiz To Find Out Your WWE Finishing Move!

Are you a winner, are you sneaky, or do you have a surprise up your sleeve? Find out with this fantastic personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 15th 2023

You're a wrestling superfan, you've probably already picked your name and your costume - but do you know the most important part of your routine, the signature finishing move? This can make or break your career as a star wrestler, of course! So take this fiendishly fun personality quiz and learn what YOUR fantastic finale would be!

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What's your wrestling name?


Pick an entrance song


What's the best weather to fight in?


Choose a school subject


Pick a common garden creature


Which time period would you love to find a portal to?


What does your wrestling outfit look like?


Do you show your opponents mercy?


Pick an activity to help you relax after the match


Why do you want to wrestle?

The Worm

You like to show dominance in your finishing move by flopping down on the ground and wriggling like a worm on a wet pavement. And why not? It demonstrates that, unlike your unworthy opponent, YOU have complete control on the ground. YOU can take the time to have a little victory wiggle. You've earned it.

The Gas Attack

You're not the kind of person to gloat or be mean - no, you like YOUR finishing move to be totally devastating in a different way. As your unworthy opponent is unable to escape, you turn around and unleash the deadliest fart they will ever know. Also, your wrestling name probably has the word "Thunder" in it somewhere.

The Crab

You're a sneaky kind of fighter, preferring stealth attacks and sidestepping to brute force, so it is only fitting that your finishing move pay homage to the most shifty of crustaceans, the humble crab. Here's how it works: you hunker down, raise your claws, and snip snip snip as you shuffle from side to side. It's a fabulous, crabulous move!

The Apology

You're a sincere sort of person, so it only makes sense that your finishing move reflects that. You would throw yourself on the ground and wail "I'M SORRY!" Is this a show of weakness? Why no, not at all! This is so unnerving, it will stun your opponent into embarassed silence and make them want to leave the ring immediately. Victory is yours, as you lie on the floor sobbing!