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This Yellow Quiz Is (The Same Colour As) Bananas!

How much do you know about the lovely colour yellow!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 26th 2022

Of all the colours in the rainbow yellows definitely the best! Whether it’s being worn by the lead cyclist in the Tour de France or a lemon, there’s nothing and nobody a splash of yellow won’t cheer up. It’s the colour of joy, dandelions and custard, and we reckon this Yellow Quiz is the mustard. But be careful, it will also drive you bananas!


Which of these fruits is famously yellow?


What do you call the yellow part of an egg?


In what sport does the current leader wear a yellow jersey (but not a wooly one like in this picture)?


What is the name of this famously yellow bird?


If Red is the first colour in the rainbow, where is yellow?


Which of these colours isn’t yellow?


Where would you find the Yellow Brick Road?


What country is the only team to have won the football world cup wearing yellow? Clue: This is their flag!


9/10 What was the yellow vehicle sung about in a famous Beatles song?


10/10 Which of these yellow animals has the made up name?

Your score was Mouldy Bananas! Not even close to yellow. Have another go to get a more suitably yellow score!

Your result was Speckly Bananas. A mere hint of yellow. Try again to get a score worthy of the lovely colour Yellow

Well done! Your score was bananas. Pure yellow bananas! There’s only one higher score. See if you can get a bunch of fluorescent yellow neon bananas. The ultimate yellow!

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Your score was totally yellow. The highest score. Not just regular banana yellow, but glow in the dark, neon yellow. A colour as bright as you must be to have got all these Yellow Quiz questions correct!