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Young Rock Character Quiz

Can you smell what character from Young Rock is most like you? No? Well then, take this quiz and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 8th 2023

Are you a fan of this hilarious wrestling comedy about the Rock's life? Of course you are! Then you must've wondered by now which of the characters is most like you... is it Dwayne himself? Or one of the members of his family? Or even another famous wrestler? Answer these questions and we'll let you know exactly who's the best fit for your personality!

Ok, now step into the quiz ring!

1/10 A Hungarian beef stew

Pick a snack:


Pick a wrestling move:


What do you normally listen to music on?


What's the best thing about wrestling?

Young Rock | Grit & Superstition | NBC | Sky Comedy

Can YOU smell what the Rock is cooking?


Who's your favourite character in Moana?


Pick one:


How hairy are you?

9/10 An acorn on a cinema seat

They've made a move about your life! Imagine that! What kind of movie is it?


Pick a US state to live in:

Young Rock | Grit & Superstition | NBC | Sky Comedy

You're 10-year old Dwayne!

You're a regular kid that likes having fun and laughing at farts (we assume - fart jokes don't make it into the show). But something that's unique to you is you're growing up in a famous of famous Samoan wrestlers! Rather be Dwayne at a different age? Then take this quiz again!

Young Rock | Grit & Superstition | NBC | Sky Comedy

You're 18 year-old Dwayne!

Even before his career starts, teenage Dwayne was BIG! Like all teenagers Dwayne was nervous and gangly, but unlike most other kids he was really good at wrestling! And this is the version of the Rock that's most like you - curious, enthusiastic, but maybe a little awkward at times! Good choice - rathera different character? Then take this quiz again!

Young Rock | Grit & Superstition | NBC | Sky Comedy

You're Lia Maivia!

You're Dwayne's grandmother, Lia Maivia! Like Dwayne, wrestling is in your blood - and you're just as much part of the family business as any of the men are! When you're not doing usual grandmother stuff, you can be found organising wrestling matches! Would you rather be a different character? Just take thsi quiz again and see who you get!

Young Rock | Grit & Superstition | NBC | Sky Comedy

You're Afa Anoa'i!

You're the oldschool wrestler and Samoan legend Afa! You're a huge inspiration to young Dwayne, and still are to this day! You taught Dwayne a lot of wrestling tricks, but also how to be such a down to earth nice guy. Not feeling it? If you'd rather be a different character from the show, just have another go at this quiz!