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Your Drawings This Week – Mario Sloths, Tree Fish and a Tricky Chicken!

This week you drew things in deserts, reasons for a chicken to cross the road, robots, sloth faces, goat food, water pistol victims and stuff stuck in trees! Just see for yourself!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 9th 2021
  • A sweaty dog who is hot in the desert
  • A lost penguin in the desert asking "where am I?"
  • A chicken crossing the road to escape Colonel Sanders (The KFC Man)
  • A Chicken running away from a zombie with one eye
  • A chicken looking at herself in the mirror while crossing the road
  • A worried looking robot in Ruby's lab
  • A Super Mario sloth
  • A scary monster sloth with 3 eyes and sharp teeth
  • A sloth with a cat face
  • A REALLY cute sloth with a bow
  • A happy sloth with gross yellow teeth and some kind of slime coming out it's mouth
  • A goat eating a tree
  • A goat confused about the Poke Ball on his dinner tray
  • The Bash Street Kids soaking Minnie the Minx with super soakers
  • The Bash Street Kids soaking SpongeBob Squarepants with super soakers
  • An Angry Bird stuck in a tree
  • Three fish in a tree