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Your Drawings This Week – Space Cats, Extreme Parachutes and a Spider Giraffe

This week you drew giraffe bodies, star fighters, parachutes, super soakers, things to scare Calamity James and artistic masterpieces! Check out some of our favs!

  • Calamity James being scared by a monster
  • Calamity James being shocked by a surprise test
  • Giraffe wearing a red and black scarf
  • Giraffe crossed with a bug
  • Giraffe with a spider body
  • Spaceship
  • Cardboard box spaceship
  • Futuristic pod in space with a drink and it says Beano
  • Fighter pilot riding a cat in space
  • parachute pokeball
  • parachute on fire oh no!
  • Dennis holding super soaker bazooka
  • Dennis telling Squirtle to use water gun
  • Artist painting Pikachu and a Pokeball
  • Artist painting himself
  • Artist painting Deadpool
  • Artist painting Dennis