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Zoella by Numbers!

Zoella has 12 million YouTube subscribers! To celebrate, we've made a video full of fun facts about super Zoe Sugg!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  September 29th 2017

12 facts to celebrate Zoella’s 12 million YouTube subscribers!

1. Zoella has 1 brother – a super cool guy called Joe!

He's a blogger too, who, in his own words, "likes to make a fool out of himself on camera for your entertainment"

2. 2 years ago, Zoe was on a celebrity Bake Off special!

Zoella didn't win though – that honour went to fashion expert Gok Wan!

3. Zoella has a pug called Nala who is 3 years old (so cute)

As far as we know, Nala doesn't have a blog or has plans to start one soon

4. For the first 4 years of her life, Zoe only ate mashed potato (this is a lie)

Phew! We all know mashed potato is delicious but we think even the world's biggest mashed potato fan would get a bit bored of it after 4 years

5. Next month, it will be Zoe and Alfie’s 5-year anniversary

Her boyfriend Alfie Deyes is a blogger too!

6. From the ages of 0-6 she sucked her thumb

She's stopped doing that now, as you can see on her videos 

7. Zoella recommends 7 other YouTubers on her second channel

They are: The Saccone Jolys, her brother Joe Sugg, Mark Ferris, Saffron Barker, Gabriella, Aspen and Parker – and her main channel!

8. Zoe’s family is so big, she doesn’t even know all of her cousins – we’re guessing that means she has 8,888 cousins!

Imagine having to buy birthday presents for them all – you'd spend all year wrapping them!

9. There are 9 books in Zoella’s 2017 book bundle!

Her special bundle of handpicked books includes: Moxie, Orbiting Jupiter, The Start of Me and You, The One Memory of Flora Banks, Girlhood, History is All you Left Me, After The Fire and Letters to the Lost.

10. She’s been on YouTube for 10 years!

That's 5,256,000 minutes!

11. She has 11.2 million Instagram followers

We've checked with experts and that's a lot of people!

12. She hit 12 million YouTube subscribers this week, which is amazing!

That's almost 1/5 of the population of the UK!