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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! All About Paul the Potato

Meet Beanotown's favourite potato!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 18th 2022

Paul is a potato!

Paul, the king of King Edwards, the earth brown prince of Beanotown, is a potato. Yes, you did read that correctly. As far we can tell, Paul the potato is just your everyday, average potato.

Paul is best friends with Pieface!

Pieface takes Paul with him everywhere he goes. Paul has his own special seat on his scooter, and a special spot on his bass guitar! Usually, if he's not in Pieface's hand, Paul will be sitting nearby..

Paul loves dressing up!

He's had loads of outfits so far - superhero, beach bod and even an extreme stunt suit!

But is there more to Paul than meets the eye?

What unknown intelligence lurks beneath that tough exterior? Is there really a superhero just waiting to burst out when the moment demands it? Could Paul actually be... Super Paul?

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