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10 Things You Need to Know About Rubi

Here's some awesome stuff you need to know about Beantown's coolest computer genius – Rubi!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  February 1st 2018

1. Her full name is Rubidum von Screwtop!

She’s named after a silvery metal… cool!

2. Her dad Professor von Screwtop

Head scientist at Beanotown’s Top Secret Research Lab!

3. She learned her awesome skills from her dad!

(and by doing her own experiments!)

4. She’s so smart…

...she can find the answer to anything!

5. She invents cool gadgets… get the gang out of trouble

6. She’s super independent!

And she can always think of the right thing to do

7. She rides a wheelchair to get around!

But it doesn’t stop her doing anything

8. She upgraded her chair with awesome tech!

All-terrain drive motor, solar panels, GPS and built-in 4G!

9. Her wheelchair even has a fridge…

... for extra cold fizzy drinks!

10. She plays keyboards for the Dinmakers!

...Beanotown’s fastest and loudest garage band!

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