Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! All About Rubi

All you need to know about Rubi

Who is Rubi?

Rubi's name is actually Rubidium von Screwtop - that's a bit of a mouthful, so she prefers Rubi, thank you very much.

She's ten years old and she goes to Bash Street School, where she is in Mrs Creecher's class with her best friends: Dennis, JJ and Pieface.

Rubi is really independent, and she always lets her friends know what she thinks is the right thing to do. 

Rubi rides a wheelchair to get around but she never lets it stop her doing anything - and she really really hates it when people think it might!

Rubi's wheels

Rubi rides her chair around Beanotown. She can pull really cool stunts in it and she loves to hack and customise it to make it unique.

Rubi has upgraded her chair herself, kitting it out with loads of awesome tech like an all-terrain drive motor, solar panels, GPS, built-in 4G and a fridge for extra-cold fizzy drinks.

Rubi from Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed

Rubi and the Dinmakers

Rubi plays the synthesiser, sampler and sequencer in the Dinmakers, Beanotown's fastest AND loudest garage band.

The Dinmakers line-up is:

Dennis - lead guitar and vocals

Rubi - synthesiser (she made her own)

JJ - drums

Pieface - bass guitar

Gnasher - dancer (and he likes to shake his maracas from time to time)

Rubi from Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed

Rubi's dad, Professor von Screwtop

Rubi's dad is Professor von Screwtop, who is the head scientist at Beanotown's Top Secret Research Laboratory.

Rubi learned all her tech skills by first watching her dad do his experiments, then learning more by doing her own - only better!

She knows she can make almost anything, and her dad has a store room full of really useful widgets, bazingas and doo-hickeys which she can use for her projects. 

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