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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! All About Dennis

Everything you need to know about the one and only Dennis

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  September 21st 2017

Who is Dennis?

Dennis is Beanotown's spiky-haired master of mischief and mayhem. He's always getting into scrapes and battles with people who get in his way (Walter Brown - we're looking at you!) but he knows that life is all about going on adventures and having fun with his mates!Dennis hates living by other people's rules (especially School Rules). He thinks the world was made to be explored, and if he always played by the rules, he'd never discover anything new. Dennis has a full-on, unlimited imagination, and when he has an idea he goes ahead and gets on with it. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him. Doing the same stuff as everybody else is just BORING! That's why he loves his skateboard - he doesn't have to trundle along the pavement like a zombie grown-up. He can pull tricks, grind rails and carve new lines round every corner. Sweet!


Dennis's best friend in the world is his dog, Gnasher. Gnasher is an Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound, a dog breed famous for having thick coats that are as tough as barbed wire, and teeth strong enough to chew concrete. Dennis and Gnasher are always together - Gnasher even disguises himself as Dennis's backpack so they can go to school together!

Galahad the hamster

Dennis has another pet – a hamster called Galahad. Galahad is always hungry, so Dennis lets him run around his room in his hamster ball, picking up crumbs. That way, Dennis never has to Hoover – it's win-win!

Dennis also has human mates, of course!

There's JJ - she's fierce, but always good to have on your side... 

...there's super-smart Rubi - she's a tech whizz...

...And finally, there's... er... pie-loving Pieface

If you're wondering what Pieface is holding, it's a potato - but not just any old potato.It's Paul the Potato. Paul is Pieface's pet spud. Pieface says he really talks and everything, but nobody else can quite hear what he's saying. Funny that...Dennis and his mates (including Paul) hang out at their epic secret den in Beanotown Woods, where they practise the latest Dinmakers' masterpieces, pull pranks on each other and do what they feel like to have a blam-azing time!

Hang on - did you say 'Dinmakers'..?

Oh, yeah! Dennis is the singer and lead guitarist in the Dinmakers, Beanotown's fastest AND loudest garage band (if they could only be the loudest OR the fastest, then Dennis would always prefer to be loudest). The line-up is:Dennis - lead guitar and vocalsRubi - synthesiser (she made her own)JJ - drumsPieface - bass guitarGnasher - dancer (and he likes to shake his maracas from time to time)The Dinmakers dream is to play an ear-popping surprise gig for their adoring fans on the Town Hall roof. They know the Mayor will never let them, but one day he'll let his guard down...

What about school?

Shhh! If you use the S-word around here, people are gonna get upset! Dennis, JJ, Rubi and PIeface are all in Class 3C at Bash Street School. Their teacher is Mrs Creecher, who literally wrote the book on School Rules. Luckily for the gang, Mrs C is a bit short-sighted so they get away with it pretty much all the time! Mrs Creecher isn't Dennis's biggest problem at school, though. That would be Walter Brown, the mayor's son. He's a sneak who stops at nothing to get Dennis in trouble and make himself look good in Mrs Creecher's eyes. What a loser!

Lots of people (like Walter) think kids should spend their lives training to be Good Little Grown-ups.Not Dennis. He doesn't plan on growing up any time soon. He knows being a kid is BLAM-TASTIC!

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