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Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! All About Walter

Everything you need to know about Walter!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  September 17th 2017

Who is Walter Brown?

There's loads we could tell you about Walter Brown, but the most important thing to know is that he's a prize guff-muffin. A guff-donkey of the highest order. We're talking about an Olympic standard guff-trumpet (thanks for that one, JJ). The second thing you should know about Walter is that he's Dennis's arch-enemy, and he'll stop at nothing to ruin Beanotown's greatest prankmeister's fun.The third Walter fact you have to remember is that he's a sneaky little kill-joy who hates to see other people having fun when he hasn't given them permission.This is why he hates Dennis and his mates.Oh, and Walter's also a bully who uses his father's power to scare other people into doing what he wants.

But why is he such an enormous guff-buffalo?

Walter's dad, Wilbur, is the Mayor of Beanotown and the owner of WilburCorp. WlburCorp is a huge company which makes loads of products, as long as they are cheap or nasty, and preferably both. It specialises in sneaky security spying stuff.Walter thinks being the son of the Mayor and Beanotown's most successful businessman makes him better than everyone else. He really thinks she should be able to order people around just because his Dad wears a fancy gold chain and cuts ribbons to open supermarkets.Because what's the point of being the son of the richest and most important* man in Beanotown if you don't get to lord it over your poorer, less powerful and generally inferior classmates? 'After all,' Walter thinks, 'one day I'll be the boss of them all - and they won't like it!'

*Walter's dad probably is the richest man in Beanotown, but he's only the most important in Walter's imagination. 

All right, Walter's the Mayor's son - so what?

Walter HATES it when people - especially other kids - are having fun and enjoying themselves. Don't they know they could be doing something useful? For example, they could:Polish Walter's expensive Italian shoes, marvelling at the craftsmanship which went into making them and the money that went into buying themWash the graffiti off the walls of Bash Street School, especially the bits which are about Walter or his Dad (this is quite a big job, actually)Buy WilburCorp products, making Wilbur - and Walter - even richerWalter thinks everyone should be serious all the time and do exactly what he tells them. He thinks kids should grow up as soon as possible and that fun just gets in the way of important grown-up business.

No wonder he doesn't have any friends!

Actually, he does have one friend - Bertie Blenkinsop.Nobody's sure why Bertie hangs out with Walter - Walter is just as mean to Bertie as he is to everybody else - but they seem to get along most of the time. 

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