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11 Question Which Lord of the Rings Race Are You Quiz!

Which Lord of the Rings race are you? It's time to find out with this magical middle-Earth personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 2nd 2022

Habitual Hobbit or obviously an Orc? There are so many amazing people in Middle-Earth - some good, some bad, some brave, some magical... but which Lord of The Rings race you would be? Well it's time find out once and for all! For more LOTR fun why not take a peek at the Ultimate Hobbit Quiz, or for something a little tougher try the Hardest Lord of The Rings Quiz!

1/11 Middle-Earth map

Where do you like to hang out?

2/11 Guy with axe

Pick a weapon!


Pick a meal!

4/11 Gollum cat in front of volcano

How do you like to travel?


What item clothing are you most likely to wear?

6/11 Hobbit with ring

Do you prefer to be with friends or are you more of a loner?

7/11 Llama and ring

Are you a goodie or a baddie?

8/11 Shark and Orc

What is your best feature?

9/11 Colour burst with eyes and mouth

What's your favourite colour?

10/11 Cat in front of volcano

What is the most annoying thing about you?

11/11 Ring and armadillo

And finally... pick a pet!



You’re an elf! You’re elegant, graceful, powerful - not to mention deadly with a bow and arrow) and you like to spend your time hanging in the forest. Nice!



You’re a hobbit! You’re cute, cuddly, big-footed and you love a quest - when you’re not eating three breakfasts. Nice!



You’re a wizard! You’re sensible, wise, magical and you are capable of creating amazing firework displays. Good work!



You’re an orc! Well, this is orc-ward... Although you may be a bit snarly - you're tough and always ready for action and adventure. Nice!