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13 Times Table Quiz For Eggheads Only!

Can you ace this 13 times table quiz? Test yourself and see how much you know about lucky number 13!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 30th 2022

Time to test your times tables! Today, luck number 13! Answer some questions and see if you need to revise! And if you liked this, we've got more maths here! Including this tricky trigonometry quiz, and this Year 7 maths quiz! And for more educational excellence, we've also got this Anne Boleyn history quiz, or this super science quiz!

1/10 Math's equation

What's 13x3?

2/10 Clever dog with book and splats

Which times table result is 65?

3/10 Blackboard with Beano question marks

True or false; 13 x 4 is 52?

4/10 Math's equation

What is 13 x 6?

5/10 Beano cheetah and cat on blackboard background

117 divided by what is 13?

6/10 Math's equation

What's 13 x 2?

7/10 Number 13 and arrow

True or false: 13 x 12 is 152?

8/10 Math's equation

13 x 1 is what?

9/10 Math's equation

What's 13 x 7?

10/10 Math's equation

What's 13 x 0?

Oh no result

Oh noooo! Back to the books for you, you didn't get a single one right! Have another go!

Well, you tried, but you'll need to be brainier than that to beat this quiz! Have another go and see if you can score higher!

Well done result

Well done! You're well on your way to becomes a 13 times table expert! But can you get full marks next time? Try again and find out!

Top result

Incredible, you're a true brainiac! You've aced this 13 times table quiz! Now why not see if you know the other times tables just as well?