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4 of the Friendliest Dragons

Dragons don't have to be terrifying fire-breathing monsters, at least not all the time. It can be pretty handy having a dragon on your side!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2016

Pete's Dragon

Elliot from Pete's Dragon may be huge and look scary but he's actually a really nice guy who looks after Pete in the forest. 


He's not the only one, here are four more friendly dragons from other films and books

1. Saphira – Eragon

Eragon is a farm boy who discovers a dragon egg in the mountains and when it hatches he names her Saphira. When Eragon touches the newborn Saphira he's burnt with the mark of the Dragon Rider and the two are bound together and can even communicate with each other mentally. Saphira is also the only female (and blue!) dragon on the list.

adelesgrace | tumblr

2. Toothless – How To Train Your Dragon

On the Viking island of Berk, dragons often eat animals from the farms so it's down to the tribe to train a dragon-slayer. Young viking Hiccup has other plans. After capturing his first dragon, a night-fury dragon he calls Toothless, Hiccup tries to train him. Once thought of as 'the unholy offspring of lightening and death itself', Toothless becomes Hiccup's protective best friend.


3. Haku – Spirited Away

Haku in Spirited Away is a river spirit who can transform into a beautiful silver flying dragon with a snake-like body. Haku helps Chihiro after her parents are transformed into pigs and Chihiro returns the favour by freeing Haku from working in the bathouse.


4. Falkor - The Neverending Story

Much like Haku, Falkor the Luckdragon has a long snakelike body, but this time covered in hair and shiny scales. He's the wise and optimistic dragon who helps Atreyu stop The Nothing in The Never-Ending Story. Plus he's probably the cutest dragon on this list.