Ultimate 50 US States Quiz

Test how much you know about the land of the free with this Uncle Sam-tastic US States quiz!

How much do you know about the US-of-A? Let's find out with this 50 US states quiz.

Are you awesome when it comes to Alaska trivia? Very good with Virginia facts? Sure about all things related to states?

You'll need to draw on your knowledge of the American states to smash through this quiz and score top marks. Good luck!

American States Quiz: Let's go!


The American state of Alaska is closer to Russia than California. True or False?


What's the name of this US state?


How many states are there in the USA?


The flag of California has a big, furry animal on it. What is it? 


In Connecticut, you can't legally sell a gherkin unless it bounces when you drop it. True or false?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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Where is the White House?


Which of these states has a desert in it?


Which of these ISN'T a US state?


In New York, it's illegal to go fishing for clams on horseback. True or false?


Which US state has the wiggliest borders?

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