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7 of the Best Star Wars Christmas Decorations

Forget tinsel, the force is strong with these festive Star Wars decorations!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 26th 2021

AT-AT tree decoration

Give your tree a dark side with this fearsome silver AT-AT

SweetsJewellery | Etsy

BB-8 light-up tree bauble

This adorable BB-auble lights up too! 

bablobablo7 | Amazon

Santa Yoda figure

Christmas leads to Santa. Santa leads to presents. 


Storm Trooper baubles

These are perfect for the tree in your Death Star

Disney | Amazon

Darth Vader stocking

"Luke, I'm your father... Christmas" 

Yellow Bulldog Ltd | Amazon

Boba Fett helmet light set

Deck the halls with boughs of Boba Fett

Amazon US

Star Wars garden ornaments

These will definitely keep your garden on the light side

Kurt Adler |