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9 Ways to Improve Fortnite

We love Fortnite: Battle Royale... but there's a few ways we think we could make it even better!


Here at the Beano, we’ve been going crazy for the base-building co-op. And we’re not alone in thinking it’s the greatest game ever. Just ask YouTube stars Ali-A and DanTDM!

But all this gaming has got us thinking… how could we make Fortnite even better?

Add unicorns? More Tilted Towers?

How about a whole load of cool costumes and new underground areas?

Well, to save you having to imagine these amazing add-ons, we’ve designed some ourselves. So do you wanna know just how amazing Fortnite could really be?

And if you think you’re a Fortnite expert, then try some of our quizzes, and let’s see just how well you really know the game!