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20 Interesting Facts About Adele

What's the name of Adele's dog? And what is she scared of? Take a roll in the deep with this list of 20 interesting facts about Adele!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  March 21st 2024

She's one of the most successful singers of all time, and her amazingly powerful voice is known the world over. But how much do you really know about Adele? Check out these Adele fun facts!

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Anyway, let's get back to the topic - the amazing Adele!

1. Adele is her real name

Adele | Youtube | @Vogue

Adele isn't just a stage name- it's her actual name. Well, part of it at least - her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Imagine if she'd gone with Laurie as her stage name. Or even Blue! Or Adkins! We're glad she stuck with Adele.

2. She grew up in London

A street with Big Ben in the background

Adele is a proper Londoner, and was raised in Tottenham by her mum, Penny. Life wasn't always easy, and Adele says her upbringing by a single mother was a big influence in her music and career. And she's always stayed true to her roots!

3. She's been singing her whole life

Adele's love for music started at a young age - from pretty much as soon as she could sing! Her earliest influences were popstars like the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child, but also singers like Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige. All great people to have as the soundtrackl to your childhood!

4. Teenage years

At the age of 14, Adele discovered the music of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald at a local record shop and fell in love with their styles of singing. Another key moment for Adele was going to a Pink concert, an experience she later said played a big part in making her decide to become a singer.

5. Her debut album!

Adele | 19 | XL Recordings

When Adele was just 19, she released her debut album, "19,". A big theme of the album was what life is like for a 19 year old, and it was a huge hit! The album earned her two Grammy Awards - very impressive, especially for such a young age! And that's 3 years younger than Taylor Swift's 22!

6. Adele loves her mum

Adele has a really close and lovely relationship with her mum, Penny. Penny became pregnant with Adele when she was applying for uni, and chose to become a mother instead. The two often hang out as adults, and when Adele made it big she bought her mum a luxury apartment in London worth almost £1 million!

7. She's a mum herself

Adele is a mum herself! In 2012 her and her partner at the time, Simon, had a baby boy called Angelo. She has admitted that she has found motherhood tough (especially the eary bits), but has had a great example to follow from her own mother! And just think how good she is at singing lullabies!

8. She writes her own songs

Unlike many popstars who have a huge team of song writers who write their material for them, Adele actually writes the word herself! Yes, she composes and performs all her own stuff! This has to be one of the reasons why her songs are so emotional - because they really come from her.

9. She loves a laugh

Adele | Youtube | @Q With Tom Power

Adele is known for being down-to-earth and loves to poke fun at herself. She often comes out with funny answers to journalist's questions, like when asked to describe herself she replied: ""I'm like a superhero, but without the cape. And the muscles. And the skills"!

10. She loves Beyonce

Beyoncé | 'I Was Here' | Diane Warren | Columbia | Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller

Adele is a full paid up member of the Queen Bee appreciation club! She's a big fan of the legendary singer Beyonce, and has often mentioned how Beyoncé's music inspires her and how she admires her talent and success. Fair enough!

11. She also loves country music

Anyone who knows Adele's music could guess that Beyonce is a big inspiration... but what's not quite so obvious is that she loves country music too! We might be waiting a long time for an Adele country album... but we can hope!

12. She's an animal lover

Adele is a big fan of animals, especially dogs! She keeps a pet dachsund, affectionatey called Louie. Louie was born on the same night Adele went to see Britmey Spears in London, so she almost called him Britney instead! We kind of wish she had!

13. But not fish!

Despite being an animal lover, Adele has admitted that she's not so keen on those that live in the oceans. She even said once: "I have a phobia of sea creatures. I won't even eat fish and chips!" We agree that some sea life do look a bit weird, but there's nothing to be scared of, Adele! Maybe this is what Rolling in the Deep is REALLY about?

14. She's a record breaker

Adele's music has broken records left and right. Her album "21" (and guess how old she was when she wrote that one) spent a whopping 24 weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, making it one of the most successful albums in history. That's a lot of happy Adele fans!

15. She loves a good prank

As well as coming out with lots of sarky comments, Adele has even been known to prank her fans! Once she pretended to be an Adele impersonator, much to the shock and surprise of the unsuspecting bystanders!

16. She's won loads of Grammy's!

Adele has won a total of 15 Grammy Awards throughout her career. Each Grammy weighs about 2.3kg, so all 15 weigh a total of 34.5 kg! That's a lot of gold! It's a good thing she's not a total showoff, because carting all those around with you would be exhausting!

17. She has a heart as big as her voice

Adele has used her fame for good! She has worked with all kinds of charities over her career, and has donated miney and done promotional work for charities that help people with HIV/Aids, LGBT people, people with disabilities and human rights. A lot of her work has helped disadvantaged kids in London, because that's where she came from.

18. She loves reality TV shows

A not-so-guilty pleasure of Adele's is relaxing after a hard days work by sticking a reality show on the box. Whilst Adele does occasionally make TV appearances, she's not done a reality TV show yet. Maybe it's something she's happy to watch but doesn't actually want to be in! Fair enough!

19. She's a visual artist too

Adele | 21 | XL Recordings

As well as writing the lyrics and composing the music, Adele also designs her own album covers and comes up with creative concepts for her music videos. She's a one-woman band! Is there anything she can't do? Well, work with sea creatures, apparently!

20. She's had lots of fan mail!

Like any famous person, Adele gets a lot of fan mail! Some of it is very sweet, and others less so much. One great bit of fanmail she got was from the ex-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He wanted to thank her for keeping everyone's spirits high durung the recession. Err, thanks, Gordon!