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58 Aeroplane Jokes To Fly You to Comedy Heights!

Plane LOLz - the best aeroplane jokes ever!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2024

Come fly with us: take a seat, lean back and relax with our complimentary puns.

It's plain sailing with these funny plane jokes.

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Who was the first cat to fly in an aeroplane?


Why do people on aeroplanes tend to daydream?

Because they have their head in the clouds!

Why do Stormtroopers make the best pilots?

They never hit anything!

Have you heard of the cancelled TV show about the aeroplane?

The pilot wasn't very good!

Which is a pilot’s favourite day?


What sound did the make airplane make on the trampoline?

Boeing, Boeing, Boeing!

What is it called when a giraffe swallows a toy jet?

  A plane in the neck!

Did you hear about the pilot who did well in interviews?

They were great at landing a job!

What airline do vampires use?

British Scare-ways!

If a plane has a small crack in it...

Is that called an airline fracture?

What do you get when you cross a snake and a plane?

A Boeing Constrictor!

What do you call the Swiss president’s aeroplane?

Tobler One!

What happens to bad aeroplane jokes?

They never land!

Why won’t pigeons travel on an aeroplane?

Because they already have wings!

Where can you find the Great Plains?

At the great airports!

What did the football player say to the flight attendant?

Put me in coach!

Where's the best place for a mountain climber to store his plane?

A cliff-hangar!

How do you make an airplane fast?

Don’t feed it!

I dropped my phone from the Eiffel Tower...

It's OK, it was in airplane mode!

Eiffel Tower

Why won’t airlines give Peter Pan a job as a pilot?

Because he’ll never never land!

What did the aeroplane say to the airport?

“I’ll be jetting off now!”

What sound does a rubber aeroplane make?


What kind of bagel can fly?

A plane one!

My dad really wanted me to make paper planes with him...

Eventually, I folded!

I’m almost finished training to be a pilot....

The lessons have just flown by!

What do you call Harry Potter in a plane?

The flying sorcerer!

I love aeroplane jokes...

But they seem to go over everyone's heads!

I've been told to stop telling aeroplane jokes...

It’s a soar subject!

What should a pilot never say in a job interview?

"I'm down to earth!"

What kind of baked dish can fly an aeroplane?

A pie-lot!

How does an archer travel?

On an arrow-plane!

Why did the students study on the aeroplane?

They wanted higher grades!

A person clearly keen on doing homework

What kind of crisps do they serve on flights?


Who invented the paper aeroplane?

The Write Brothers!

When Chuck Norris throws a paper aeroplane...

It lands next year!

Chuck Norris Jokes

I don’t find aeroplane jokes funny...

They’re just really Boeing!

Why did the aeroplane mechanic love their job?

It's riveting!

I threw my phone from the roof and it smashed...

I guess airplane mode wasn’t working!

What has a nose and flies, but can’t smell?

An aeroplane!

My friend has just started selling aeroplanes...

Their business is really taking off!

Stuck at Home? Here's How To Make THE BEST Paper Aeroplane

Why did the flight attendant not go to work?

They had the flew!

Why did everyone scream when I held the door open for them?

We were on a plane!

What do you call the movie where pilots battle it out to take off?

The Hangar Games!

Who invented the first airplane that wouldn’t fly?

The Wrong Brothers!

I'm a pilot instructor...

My job has its ups and downs!

Why did the aeroplane get sent to their room?

They had a bad altitude!

An aeroplane flying over a city

What happens if you wear a watch on a plane?

Time flies!

How do rabbits travel?

By hare-oplane!

Why couldn't the librarian go on the plane?

Because it was overbooked!

A bearded librarian holding books

I tried to sue the airport for losing my luggage...

I lost my case!

An old suitcase covered in stickers

What do you get when you cross an airplane with a magician?

A flying sorcerer!

A puppy with a magic wand

Why couldn't the aeroplane take off?

It had a soar wing!

Aeroplane on the tarmac

Will invisible aeroplanes ever be a thing?

I just can’t see them taking off!

What stays in the corner but goes around the world?

A stamp!

Have you ever flown on a flying carpet!

It's a rugged experience!

What kind of chocolate do they sell at the airport?


Facts about chocolate

What do you call a flying policeman?

A heli-copper!

What do you call a plane that can't take off?

An error plane!