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Take this Awesome Alex Scott Trivia Quiz!

How much do you know about this Lioness and football commentator? Take this trivia quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 12th 2023

Former footballer Alex Scott is an Arsenal and England legend and is now a sports presenter and author! This trivia quiz will test the biggest Alex Scott fan. How many points will you score? There's only one way to find out!

1/10 Baby blocks spelling out the words 'baby names'

What is Alex's full name?

2/10 A pair of football boots in a nursery

In which year was she born?

3/10 Two football fans

At which club did she spent the majority of her football career?

4/10 USA shaped map and a football, with a sea background

She also played in the USA, but for which team?

5/10 A young man in an England cap

Before her retirement from football, how many caps did she earn?

6/10 A football on the touchline

In which year was she inducted to the English Football Hall of Fame?

7/10 An owl and a university mortar board

Alex studied for a degree at Staffordshire University. What did she do?

8/10 Alex Scott in Strictly Come Dancing

In which week did she leave 2019's Strictly Come Dancing?

9/10 England badge

How many goals did she score for England?

10/10 Alex Scott on an EA Sports FC 24 Heroes card
EA Sports

Alex features on the EA Sports FC 24 Heroes cards and is reimagined as a Marvel superhero. What's her overall rating?

Result: Oh no
BBC Sport

Oh no! Did you take this quiz by mistake or were you distracted by all her achievements in the world of football? You can have another go, you know?

Result: Good Try
BBC Sport

Good try! You know a fair bit about Alex Scott but not enough to get a Player of the Match award. Why not try again? You might do even better!

Result: Great Work
BBC Sport

Great work! You know loads about Alex Scott, don't you! You must a fan to get a score like this. Nice!

Result: Wow
BBC Sport

Wow! You're either an Alex Scott expert or Alex Scott herself. Either way, congratulations!