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Am I A Witch? The Ultimate Quiz!

Are you a witch? It's time to dust off the broomstick (with another broomstick, presumably) and take the ultimate quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 4th 2022

Do YOU feel wondrously witchy? Or are you more into sports than spells? Find out wether you're a witch with this spooky seasonal quiz! For more paranormal personality ponderers be sure to check out our What Halloween Monster Am I Quiz, or for more quirky quizzery try our Ultimate Witch Quiz!

1/8 A witch offering an apple

What's your fave thing to wear?

2/8 Witch with fireballs coming out of her hands

Do you believe in magic?

3/8 Cat in witches' hat on broomstick

Favourite way to get around?

4/8 Bubbling cauldron

Favourite thing to cook?

5/8 Two kids watching a scary movie and hiding under the covers

Choose a movie!

6/8 The four seasons, and a massive dragon breathing fire

Favourite season?

7/8 Bottle of potion

How do you feel about potions?

8/8 A frog in a school playground

You see a frog. What do you do?



You're a witch! There's no doubt about it - you love spells, magic and spooky shenanigans! All you need now is a black cat and a cauldron. Enjoy weaving your witchy ways!


Half Witch!

You're a Half-Witch! While not a full witch, you're certainly partial to the odd potion and sympathetic to spells. You sometimes use your secret inner witch to wreak some magical mischief! Nice work!

Not a Witch!

You're not a witch! Yep, silly spells and magical mutterings aren't for you. You're much more comfy in a jumper hanging with friends rather than stirring potions in a cauldron! Nice!