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50 Amazing Incredible Facts You Won’t Believe

You won't believe these incredible facts! How many did you know?

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
  1. The Amazon rainforest produces 20% of Earth's oxygen

2. The Mona Lisa gets so many love letters she has her own post box!

3. Marie Antoinette never actually said 'Let them eat cake!' She was only a small child when the phrase was first recorded.

4. Your feet and hands contain more than half of the bones in your body

5. There is a species of jellyfish that is immortal

6. The only planet that spins clockwise is Venus

7. In 2003 artist Banksy snuck into the Tate Modern Gallery and stuck his own art to the wall!

8. The king or queen of Scotland is the monarch of the people, not the land. That's why the famous Queen Mary was 'of Scots' and not ' of Scotland'

9. About 60% of the human body is water

10. Camels have three eyelids

11. Only 12 plants and five animal species make up 75% of the worlds food stock. Turns out humans are pretty picky eaters!

12. Picasso's painting are some of the most expensive of all time


13. Ching Shih was the most successful pirate in history. She was an 18th century pirate and warlord!

14. Your stomach turns red when you blush

15. Polar bears aren't actually white - they have see-through fur which reflects white light from the sun. And their skin is black!

16. A painting by Henri Matisse was once accidentally hung upside-down! It stayed like that for over 6 weeks before someone realised!


17. Scallops have as many as 200 eyes.

18. In the 14th century, a pig was executed in France. It attacked a child and was tried at court!

19. You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV!

20. Prawns have their hearts in their heads

21. The artist Frida Kahlo often painted lying down after she was injured in a bus crash

22. The dangerous chemical radium used to be added to makeup, food, water and household objects. Luckily they found out it wasn't a good idea!

23. Pope Gregory IX declared that black cats were agents of the devil! Seems kind of unfair!

24. Fingernails grow faster than toenails

25. Koalas and human beings have very similar fingerprints. So similar, in fact, that koalas have confused crime scene investigators!

26. The poet Lord Byron had a pet bear. He took it to university and used to take it for walks!

27. Honey never goes bad! Edible honey has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs!

28. The famous painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling took Michelangelo four years to complete.

29. Most of the dust in your house is dead human skin cells. Yuck!

30. The howler monkey is the loudest animal on loud. The clue's in the name!

31. The shortest ever war was between Britain and Zanzibar, in 1896. It lasted 38 minutes!

32. The moon had an atmosphere at one point, like Earth.

33. In China and Japan it's considered good manners to slurp your soup!

34. Astronauts get taller in space

35. Clownfish (Like Nemo) are all born male

36. Pocahontas is buried in England. She died in Kent just as she was leaving to go back to America.


37. Space is full of rubbish - there's thousands of pieces of debris and trash from astronauts, space shuttles and old satellites up there orbiting the Earth.

38. In some countries it's considered rude to use your left hand for tasks like eating and shaking hands.

39. You are taller in the morning than the evening

40. Three-toed sloths are so slow that they have algae growing on them!

41. Cleopatra could speak nine languages.

42. Plants have been shown to grow better when music is played

43. The World Gurning Championships take place every year in Egremont in Cumbria, to see who can pull the silliest face!

44. Your jaw is the strongest muscle in your body

45. Ravens are just as good as parrots at imitating human speech

46. The Romans used wee as mouthwash. Yuck!

47. You share 99.9% of your DNA with all other humans

48. There is a festival in Thailand where monkeys are given a huge buffet of food!


49. Humans can't digest grass, so don't try!

50. Catfish have more taste buds that humans do