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20 Best Among Us Jokes

There's nothing sus about these funny Among Us jokes! Check them out!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

These aren't just AMONG the best Among Us jokes on the internet - they ARE the best! So get ready to laugh at these SUSpiciously funny gags! And if you liked these, check out more game content here! Or how about testing your Among Us knowledge with this Among Us quiz! Maybe you need more gaming jokes? And as always, check out even more funny stuff here!

What's delicious, Italian and plays Among Us?

An impasta!

Why shouldn't you trust a dog that plays Among Us?

They'll always be the im-pawster!

Who wrote 'The Cat In The Hat Plays Among Us'?

Dr. Sus!

Among Us is getting really big...

Now its Humongus!

I'm really tired of Among Us jokes!

Sorry, I just had to vent!

Why shouldn't you let flying horses play Among Us?

Because they're Pega-sus!

Have you been on the Among Us ghost chat?

To be honest, it's pretty dead!

Why can you only play Among Us in America?

Because it's called Among US!

What should you eat when you play Among Us?


Which Greek mythological character should you never play Among Us with?


What's got wings and plays Among Us?

An imp-poster!

Which marsupial plays Among Us?

A roo-mate!

What should you do if you get cold in Among Us?

Press the Emergency Heating Button!

Did you hear about the Among Us player who's girlfriend left him?

He got ghosted!

What lives in the sea and plays Among Us?

A shrimp-oster!

Why should you always eat when you're playing Among Us?

Because you need sus-tinence!

I didn't want to play Among Us...

I was feeling too Blue!

Have you played Among Us?

It's a great e-vent!

What should you say when you meet an Orange Crewmate?

'Orange you glad to see me?'

How do you greet your Crewmates?


What do you call spaghetti playing Among Us?

An im-pasta!